Adamo’s Pasta – Rosebery, NSW

Adamo's Pasta Rosebery NSW

“We always source the best and freshest ingredients. We always like to use fresh produce to make sure our ingredients are of quality. We always make sure our eggs are free range, which I will go and source; the yolk, the colour, knowing they’re cage free – all the small details make a huge difference in the end product, and that’s just in making the pasta. Then you’ve got the fillings and all the different ingredients we use there: mixed herbs, parsley, basil, beef mince, tomatoes, eggplants and other vegetables – everything is sourced. We don’t buy anything frozen, and it’s cut fresh and made to the recipe we like. It’s been a process of trial and error to see what flavours come together and what actually works best. On paper it might sound good but at the end of the day, your taste buds may want something different.”

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