Levina – Amber Rose Coffee & Food Store

Amber Rose Coffee & Food Store Corowa
Rohan and Levina operate this mixed business – food, coffee, flowers, antiques – from the early hours of each day, conversing with regulars and warmly welcoming travellers. The interior boasts lush, green flowers, antique clocks and picture frames, while the menu favourites include freshly made toasties, bacon and eggs, and good coffee. “I’m not a florist by trade, I just like playing with flowers,” explains Levina. “There was no room in the house so it had to come out here [at Amber Rose]; my house also looks like this. But people love it! It’s not plain, there’s always something to look at. I just like colour, so anything colourful inspires me. I like roses, magnolias – all flowers really.”
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