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Brasserie Bread

Author: y D.R. Lennox ““When I walk past the ovens and the bread is coming out, and I see the thousands of loaves of bread and they all look perfect and I think ‘wow, that is an amazing world!’”” “It was probably with some luck that I got into the bread world when the bread world started to change globally,” says Michael Klausen, whose foray into “the bread world” officially began in 2000 with the establishment of Brasserie Bread. Today,

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Mike Whitney

Author: Howard Rich “I guess I’m a bit of a perfectionist in that way but I always respect the people I work with and, in turn, they seem to respect me.”‘Passion’ and ‘Heart’ are the two most endearing characteristics which encapsulate the life of popular Sydney icon Mike Whitney, host of one of Australia’s longest running television shows – Channel 7’s Sydney Weekender – dynamic former fast bowler for NSW and Australia cricket teams, and lead singer with his own

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Roy Billing

Author: Kristina Foster “Playing Trimbole required a lot of preparation and research in order to bring thecharacter to life. I had read a lot of books and watched a lot of footage from As I wait in the art deco French neighbourhood café in Coogee to interview Roy Billing, a stylish white panama hat is thrown nonchalantly onto the table. I look up and see a familiar face: we have all grown up seeing Billing’s crinkly, welcoming smile across our

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Carlos De Abreu – Consul General Of Brazil

Author: D.R. Lennox “The city is ready. This will benefit Rio for years to come. Many generations will talk about this. It will become part of the history, not only for Rio but Brazil.”Carlos de Abreu is the Consul General of Brazil, and currently calls Sydney home. But in 2009, Mr. de Abreu was posted in Washington (as Brazil’s Deputy Chief of Mission) when it was announced that his hometown of Rio would host the 2016 summer Olympics. And he

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Phil Avalon

Cafe Reporter issue 1, June 2015, J Howard Rich “I had to hustle friends and family to help raise the finance to produce the film, which starred two young actors in their first year of drama school – Mel Gibson and John Jarrett.” The successful 40-year career of writer, actor, director and producer Phil Avalon is classed as a leading light in the domestic and international film community. His book, From Steel City to Hollywood (New Holland), is a lively

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Eternity Man

Cafe Reporter issue 1, June 2015, Jeff Bird“For the next 37 years, he roamed the streets of Sydney writing his message on the footpaths in yellow chalk; Sydneysiders would awake to find his mysterious ‘one word poem’ without any clue about the identity of its author.” The story goes that Arthur Stace was born in Balmain in 1884, growing up in abject poverty because his parents and two brothers were always drunk and his sisters were prostitutes. He had to

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The Natural Butcher