Bruce Tyrrell, AM – Tyrrell’s Wines, Hunter Valley NSW

Bruce Tyrrell AM Tyrell Wines
“The care of the vineyard soils is perhaps the most important task as it affects the quality and flavour of the fruit. In the Hunter Valley, soils change quite rapidly and so the management of each piece of vineyard can be quite different. This includes the amount of crop to maintain the colour and flavour ratio that makes the style of wine you require from each block.”
“As each season is different there will need to be adjustments as the year progresses to make sure you end up with a balanced, disease-free vintage. Our techniques because of our age, and the age of our vines, vary from vineyard to vineyard; they are a mixture of both old and new techniques. All our vines are cane pruned and we know that is what works.”
“We have just received our Sustainable Winemaking Australia accreditation, but more importantly we are prepared to change our techniques to suit the season and receive inputs that are available to us. For instance, we now use sunscreen to protect the vines and we leave the western side of the vine to sprawl so there are enough leaves to provide shade during the hot afternoons.”

1838 Broke Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320

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