George in Roastville Coffee Roasters, Marrickville

George – Roastville Coffee Roasters

“We’ve seen the whole of the industry change since I began in the industry in 1995. We’re still working as hard, still doing the same stuff, but we’re serving different customers. Our food is what keeps us motivated. And the coffee. Ten years ago we got into Roastville, a coffee roastery with a cafe, and the cafe is pretty much the heart of our business; it wouldn’t feel the same if we were just roasting coffee and not serving food.

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Bruce Wicks The Australian Pen Museum

Bruce Wicks – The Australian Pen Museum

Opened on March 10, 2023, The Australian Pen Museum is located in Gundagai, roughly midway between Sydney and Melbourne, and is the culmination of many years of dedication by museum curator Bruce Wicks. Wicks’ interest in pens began when he was quite young. When he was in primary school, around 1958, dip pens [ink pens with a nib] were rapidly disappearing because of the Bic pen. “I wasn’t really old enough to use a dip pen but, because they were

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Danny Williams Racing

Danny – Danny Williams Racing

Passion, zeal, dedication, patience and, above all, a strong, instinctive belief in your ability are the intrinsic ingredients when it comes to describing Danny Williams, trainer of the country-based Shelby Sixtysix racehorse, now known as ‘The People’s Horse’. In early 2022, Shelby Sixtysix went from average country horse to Group 1 winner, becoming the punters’ favourite everywhere for its performance in the famed TJ Smith Stakes sprint race. Danny had a 15-year amateur riding career before turning professional at 29.

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3 men posing

Joe – Grima Bros Wholesale Produce

“Our set-up in Gregory Hills is all about family value. With the cost of living these days, we’re trying to make it fair for everyone; a one-stop shop where you can come in and buy anything from the raw ingredients for a crumbed schnitzel to, if you’re feeling romantic, a nice bunch of fresh flowers.”

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Euro Espresso Annandale

Marcello – Euro Espresso Annandale

“Everywhere has their way of getting together, but here in Australia I think we were trying to find it for quite a while. I think today it is coffee culture that has come through, and everyone is a lot more interested; not just in drinking coffee but making coffee at home. And that’s where the little machines come into it, and it’s been very, very popular.”

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Sam Barrington-Smith with friends

Sam – The Banter Barista

“What I love most about my job? The people! It has to be the people. It’s the only thing that gets me up; knowing that there are people, regulars and new customers, coming through each day. Conversations, having interactions with people, is good, and every day is different. I’m not a boring ‘here’s your coffee, see you later’ kind of guy; I like a bit of that back and forth.“

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