Bruce Wicks – The Australian Pen Museum

Bruce Wicks The Australian Pen Museum

Opened on March 10, 2023, The Australian Pen Museum is located in Gundagai, roughly midway between Sydney and Melbourne, and is the culmination of many years of dedication by museum curator Bruce Wicks.

Wicks’ interest in pens began when he was quite young. When he was in primary school, around 1958, dip pens [ink pens with a nib] were rapidly disappearing because of the Bic pen. “I wasn’t really old enough to use a dip pen but, because they were being disposed of, my teacher gave us all one. I took that home, and mum kept it.” Around 1970, when he was about 19 years old, Bruce rediscovered it at home. Then he hunted for one of the old-school desk inkwells to go with it. “So that started me down this road.”

Over 3000 items – many unique – are showcased at the museum and Wicks believes he has the most extensive collection of pens in the southern hemisphere, including 11 quill pens. “I’ve got more of those outside of Britain, I would contend, because they are extremely rare.”

Some visitors take up the one-hour tour given by Wicks while others prefer just to wander in and out of the museum. Reactions from people to the collection so far? “I’ve never had anyone walk out disappointed.”

The Australian Pen Museum is open from 8am to 9pm daily. Adult entry is only $5, while students and children are free.

Mobile: 0468 813 351
Facebook Group: Australian Pen Museum

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