Hugh McPherson

Hugh McPherson

Although of country stock, Hugh McPherson is a Sydney boy born and bred. “My mum’s from Orange and my dad’s from Wagga Wagga, and while I did spend a great deal of my childhood in the country, I grew up in the Flemington-Ryde area. I moved to Kings Cross on my own when I was 16, and I think that’s where I did a lot of my learning. When I was 18 I managed a couple of bars, a couple of night clubs, and then I pissed off to South America for four to six months.” Now a resident of Darlinghurst, Hugh is effusive about the bars, cafes and eateries he frequents in Sydney’s inner city and eastern suburbs. “It’s fantastic. I can walk in any direction leaving my house and I can go to any number of cafes with excellent food, excellent coffee and excellent service. I probably dine out more than I cook at home; I just prefer to enjoy a meal in the company of other people rather than on my own. Even if I go out on my own, I’m still in an atmosphere, an environment where you’ve got the opportunity to meet people. And the food is always so much better than if I cooked at home. I’m certainly spoilt for choice where I am in Darlinghurst.”

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